Top New Rules You Should Know Before Playing IPL Fantasy League

IPL Fantasy League is a virtual game where players will be able to create their own XI team in order to compete with users.

In the past few years, Fantasy League has become a major part of the cricket world. Whether it’s the domestic T20 series like IPL & Big Bash or international cricket matches, creating your team on recent player performances has just become a routine for cricket lovers.

IPL Fantasy League happens to be the place where cricketing experts & cricket-enjoying fans come up with their IPL predictions & find themselves becoming a part of ongoing actions.

Winning fantasy cricket is not so seamless when you think. People can select the in-form players. On the flip, you can’t depend on luck as you require more than fate to win big.

It is entirely about choosing perfect XI players for every match who have the most chances of doing great, thereby increasing the fantasy points tally. So, here are the things you must learn to play IPL fantasy league. Read on to learn further.

Creating the team in the IPL of IPL Fantasy League

Users will be able to create different numbers of players’ combinations to make one team. Though one may create a flexible team as their wish, the IPL imposed a couple of rules in the selection.


The IPL Fantasy League gives allowance for users to choose a maximum of four wicketkeeper players for the team


Next comes the batsman. The IPL Fantasy League also gives allowance to users to choose a maximum of three to six batsmen as per their preferences.


The League lets users choose a total of three to six bowlers for the team.


Next comes the all-rounders. The IPL League allows customers to choose 1-4 all-rounders.

While fans may create combination teams with details, the team recommends following combination teams to get the leading position. You may have a maximum of four overseas players in the team.

Every team must contain eleven players in it who must get picked within 100 credit points. And one may pick a maximum of 7 players from the team.

Choosing more than one wicketkeeper costs the selected team higher. So it is best recommended to include one wicketkeeper that is mandatory.

And picking the all-rounders is a critical role when they perform with ball and bat. Following are recommended combinations for choosing:

Upon creating the fantasy team, select the captain & vice-captain for a team wisely.

  • Captain will get 2x points scored by him in the game
  • Vice-Captain will get 1.5x points secured by him in an actual game

Will a user allow creating teams?

Yes, the users may create multiple teams in the IPL league. Users may create around 11 teams per match & join the contest with one or multiple teams.

Can you change the team created in the IPL?

Yes, you may change the team until and unless the match’s deadline. Fans update the players once the team declares the XI for the match. You may change the captain or vice-captain before the match’s deadline.

If you want to change the team, choose the “Edit Team” button to make some changes to the team

IPL has launched their official fantasy league, and they make certain changes to improve the overall fantasy experience. There’ll be 110 transfers for matches ranging from 1 to 56 in total. So, these are certain things you need to learn about the top new rules of playing the IPL fantasy league.


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